Why I Love Stitch Fix

December 16, 2020

I’m the type of person who will look at cute outfits on Pinterest and instagram and think, oh I love that! … and then literally stick to my jeans and Harry Potter t-shirt, forever and ever amen. I haven’t been to the mall since January 2020 – partly because of the pandemic, but honestly, the only thing I went to the mall for in the last couple years was for makeup (which I now order online and have shipped to me, and I’ll continue to do that post-pandemic), an occasional stroll through Hot Topic (to browse HP merch, y’all), and converse.

So… why am I so adamantly in support of this company that sends you clothes?

Here’s the thing: I don’t shop well. I don’t know what looks good on me when it’s on the shelf, I hate trying on clothes in dressing rooms, and I don’t even know where to go to get things I’m looking for. That joke of saying things loudly around your phone so it starts showing you ads is actually my ideal shopping experience.

I started using Stitch Fix when I took a new job that needed business outfits. No more jeans and cozy shirts or sweaters. I needed dress pants and professional tops. I figured that I’d see what the stylists at Stitch Fix could come up with – since there’s (only) a $20 styling fee (that gets applied to your purchase if you keep any of the items they send) and free shipping both ways, I figured, yeah, this is worth a shot.

I started with a link that gave me credit right off the bat, and Stitch Fix gives me an option to share that code always – but occasionally, like right now, they give me the chance to share a WAY bigger credit amount. For a limited time, you can go here and get $100 in credit (I get $100, also)! It sounds too good to be true, but I’ve had several friends and my mom try it, so I wanted to explain exactly how this works.

You basically start with a balance of $100 – yes, you have to put in a credit card, but NO, it isn’t charged yet (I know this for sure because my mom used my card, and I’ve been watching for charges!). You fill out your style profile – be as detailed as possible for the best results, saying whether you want to get a certain item frequently or never at all (I never get shoes because I’m so picky about them) – and schedule your first Fix. You’ll get a package a few days later with 5 items. Try them on! Give it a spin! Walk around! If you don’t like something, simply send it back in the provided giant envelope. If you like something (or everything), keep it! Be sure to check out – log into Stitch Fix and click the Check Out option – and let your stylist know what you thought about each item, good or bad. This will help them make decisions going forward.

Now, from the credit you have, $20 of will go towards the styling fee… but remember, that $20 can be used towards your Fix! For that first fix, you have $100 to spend. If you keep NOTHING, you’ll lose that $20 styling fee, leaving you with an $80 credit. You’re still not out any money, so give it another shot. The same process will happen until you’re out of credit (at which point, your card will be charged for either a styling fee or the items you keep) or you stop scheduling Fixes.

I know it sounds too good to be true – $100 to spend on clothes? Really? – but I promise you, this is a great way to try Stitch Fix. If you hate it, cool, you didn’t lose any money! If you love it, great, get new clothes without having to venture out into the world. Cancel whenever you want, schedule your Fixes months apart, even try the new feature where you can buy clothes straight from the site without paying the styling fee!

I’ll include some pictures of me in the items I’ve gotten and loved from Stitch Fix (coming soon… I’m not the best at taking pictures of myself), but I have to say, there have been days when everything besides my socks and undies were from Stitch Fix.

Find me on instagram @cassidynoga if you have any questions or if you want me to answer questions!

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